Viking Homelands Cruise

These are some of our favorite pictures from our Viking Homelands cruise to Scandinavia.The former home of the Hanseatic League in Bergen, Norway.More of the colorful buildings in Bergen.A park in Bergen.A residential street in Stavanger, Norway.A residential street in Aalborg, Denmark.The little mermaid statue in Copenhagen.Statue and fountain in Copenhagen.Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen.Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.One of Copenhagen’s canals.

The Brandenburg GateThe Reichstag or parliament building in Berlin.Square in Berlin.Gdansk, Poland

Tallin, EstoniaThe Hermitage, St. Petersburg, RussiaMosaic floor tile, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, RussiaThe cathedral, Helsinki, Finland.

Stockholm, Sweden.The Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.

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