Vienna, Austria

Following are some of our favorite pictures from our two week visit to Vienna, Austria.The Monument Against War and Fascism.  This is Vienna’s remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.  Austria is a neutral nation and is not a member of NATO.The rear of one of the buildings in the Hofburg Palace complex.                           St. Stephens Cathedral.  This is the heart of Vienna.  The Cathedral is reflected in the windows of the modern building across the street.Wooden floor in the Albertina Museum, once part of the Hofburg Palace complex.Belvedere Palace was the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy.The Baroque gardens of Belvedere Palace.  The palace is now an art museum and the home of Klimpt’s The Kiss.The fountain at Belvedere Palace.The tomb of Maria Theresa in the Imperial Crypt.  One hundred and fifty one members of the Hapsburg dynasty are entombed here.                        One of the numerous churches in ViennaVolksgarten, part of the Hofburg Palace complex.The Film Festival in front of city hall.  A different film is shown every night for ten weeks in summer.  Most of the films are of classical music concerts or ballets. The main entrance to the Hofburg Palace.                              The restaurant in the Kunsthistoisches Museum, the Renaissance art museum, in yet another Hofburg building.A unique clock on a bridge between two buildings. The Roman numeral on the head of the historical figure tells the hour and the arrow points to the minutes.  Thus, the picture was taken at 11:15.

                        The doors of the arc in the only surviving synagogue from WW II.Sights on the Danube River cruise to Melk Abbey.The gardens at Melk Abbey.Melk Abbey.The front of Schönbrunn Palace.The Roman fountain at Schönbrunn Palace.The rear of Schönbrunn Palace from behind a fountain.The gardens and Palm House at Schönbrunn Palace.The gardens and Glorietta at Schönbrunn Palace.Beethoven’s burial spot in Vienna Central Cemetery.                        The main alter in Saint Peter’s church.City council chambers in City Hall.The opera house.                      Votiv Church

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