San Miguel de Allende

Following are some of our favorite pictures from our March visit to San Miguel.

People of all ages wear elaborate feathered headdresses for the Lord of the Conquest Fiesta.This woman is feeding the pigeons in the Jardin.

One of the walkways has several places where brick walls have been built so trees don’t have to be cut down.The parade where children dress up as animals or flowers is one of the ways to celebrate the first day of spring.  Many of the groups of children are “contained” with a rope barrier carried by adults to keep them in the parade route.

Saint Joseph’s Day is celebrated by some with a religious procession, but most people celebrate by dressing in outlandish costumes and dancing in a parade.Courtyards and terraces are always filled with numerous pots of plants.A two story courtyard in the Centro area.The  Bellas Artes building is one of the art centers in town.You need two hands to drink this margarita!

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