Colombia Pictures

Following are some of our favorite pictures from our OAT trip to Colombia.The Cathedral on the central square in Bogota.Courtyards are usually very attractive.Colombia is the number two exporter of cut flowers in the world after The Netherlands.  These red roses were in the Bogota flower market.One of the stations of the cross in The Salt Cathedral outside of Bogota.Part of the exhibit of pre Colombian gold at the Gold Museum in Bogota.Our guide Marcella (March) and her friend Alphonso.  He is a street child in Medellin that March and her fellow tour guides are trying to help.

El Penon near Medellin is one of the largest rock monoliths in the world.View of the lake and islands from the base of El Penon.A street in Guatape.  The street is famous for the zocalos painted at the base of its buildings.The Cathedral in Guatape.This tree in a central square of Medellin was all roots.This is the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture in Botero Plaza in Medellin.Some of the children from the indigenous village we visited.Laundry hanging on the fence in the indigenous village.We visited a horse farm and I got to ride one of the horses.The wax palm is the tallest palm in the world and the only one found inland at high elevations.Susan loved the pair of toucans at our hotel in Cartagena.  Not!!!

The streets of Cartagena were a riot of color, vines, balconies, and doors.A view of modern Cartagena.These children were all jockeying for position to have their picture taken by the tourists.

That’s me cooling off in the tiny hotel pool.  It was not at all easy getting in that thing.The largest Spanish fort in the new world was built on the hill to defend Cartagena.

The Cartagena Cathedral.

Horse drawn carriages with the Cathedral in the background.

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