Canal du Midi and Marseille Pictures

Following are some of our favorite pictures from our week long journey on the Canal du Midi and our day in Marseille.We moored at numerous small villages along the canal.  This is a cemetery in Argens Minervois.Plane trees lining a street in Parazza.  Plane trees also line much of the canal.  Unfortunately, a fungus is killing many of the trees.  The dead trees are being cut down and replaced with other varieties that grow well in the area.One of the bridges carrying the canal over an intersecting stream.There were many scenic sections of the canal.  A bike path of varying quality paralleled the canal.We rented our boat from LeBoat in Homps and sailed to Port Cassafieres.

A window in Parazza.Cruising and going through the locks.A winery we toured in Ventenac-en-Minervois.Street scene in Capestang.A “fool the eye” painting on the side of several buildings in Capestang.  The only things real in the picture are Susan and the plants in the foreground.Dinner in the courtyard of a winery in Capestang.The canal had tunnels as well as bridges.Entering Beziers, our favorite city on the canal.The Poet’s Garden in Beziers.

Beziers had about ten “fool the eye” paintings, but none of them compared to the one in Capestang.Cathedral Saint-Nazaire de Beziers.Beziers was home to the longest bridge carrying the Canal du Midi over the Orb River.Low bridge!  Umbrella down!Marseille is built on the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.Palais de la Bourse or Chamber of Commerce building.The heart of the city is the Old Port area.  There is a fort on each side of the entrance to the port.The Basilica Norte-Dame de la Garde is on the highest hill in town.

The main alter of the Basilica Norte-Dame de la Garde.A large mirror over the sidewalk in part of the Old Port creates this confusing image.

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