Mexico City

Following our some of our favorite pictures from our stay in Mexico City. 

   The Palacio de Bellas Artes is one of the most beautiful buildings in town during the day or night. 

   The building is also beautiful inside with a Tiffany stained glass curtain and stained glass ceiling. 
 Two of the many artifacts at the Museum of Anthropology. 

   A stained glass window and wrought iron gate at Chapultepec Castle. 

 Artwork at the museum sponsored by Banamex bank. 

 Rooftop view of a street in the historic area. 

 The Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de Mexico. 

 The Zocalo looking at the Cathedral. 

 The courtyard of the National Palace. 

 One of the fancier cakes at the Ideal Bakery. 

 A living wall. 

 UNAM (university) where each wall of the library has a mural depicting a different part of Mexican history. 

 Xochimilco – canals and colorful boats. 

 A distinguished egret at Xochimilco. 

 Fountain at Coyoacan. 

 One of the many churches in Mexico City. 

 Volcano on the way to Puebla. 

 The Great Pyramid of Cholula.  A church built on top of the world’s largest pyramid. 

 Cholula church.  

 Detail of building in Puebla. 

 The cathedral off the central plaza in Puebla. 

 Templo Mayor, an Aztec ruin in the heart of Mexico City. 

 Amsterdam Avenue in the Condessa area of Mexico City.  This wide garden area with walking paths is in the center of the avenue. 

 Another Mexico City church. 

 Plaza in a poorer part of Mexico City. 

 And for something completely different, a Mexico City temple.

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