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This page contains some of our favorite pictures from our two week stay in Sorrento. 

 Sorrento is all about lemons. This basket of giant lemons is the courtyard of a gallery.   

 Looking along the Sorrento waterfront. The city is on a cliff high above the water.  The Marina and some of the water level piers can be accessed with an elevator. 

 Marina Grande is a small town below Sorrento. We went there for dinner on the water several nights.  

 On the beach at Positano on the Amalfi coast. The beach was a dark gray with a lot of gravel at the waters edge.  

 Hotel in Positano with a nice collection of pots.  

 The Amalfi coast has a lot of ancient watch towers. You can see two of them in this picture.  

       Our favorite town on the Amalfi Coast was Ravello. It is located in the hills above the city of Amalfi. These four images were all taken at Villa Rufolo in Ravello within a walk of less than 100 feet.  

 Cloister in the church of the city of Amalfi.  

 Panorama of the city of Amalfi taken from the end of the pier.  

 On the way back to Sorrento, we had some great clouds and light on the water.  

 Part of the forum in Pompeii. 

 An arch and street in Pompeii with Vesuvius in the background.   

 The harbor in Sorrento.  

 A Piazza in Naples. This is one of the few outdoor shots in Naples without visible graffiti.  

 Traffic jam waiting to get into the Blue Grotto in Capri.  

 Our favorite part of Capri was the boat ride around the island.  

 The Green Grotto in Capri.  

 The tradition is to kiss the one you love while riding through the arch in the rock to cement the relationship for life.  So far, so good!

 We took a chair lift to a high point on Capri with some beautiful views. The rocks in the water are the same ones in the previous picture.  

 Mushroom rock on Ischia, a less crowded island near Capri.  

 I thought this flower from a garden in Ischia was most unusual.  

 Sunset in Sorrento.  

 Herculaneum. Smaller than Pompeii but better preserved.  

 Overall view of Herculaneum.  

   And finally, two shots from our bus trip back to Positano on our last day in Sorrento. We would like to have gone to Ravello, but that was a much longer bus ride. Positano is a beautiful option though!

6 thoughts on “Sorrento Pictures”

  1. Amalfi coast was one of our favorite places in Italy. Stayed in Amalfi and it was wonderful. We went to a concert under the stars in Ravello.
    Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful trip.

  2. Thanks for jogging our wonderful memories of the Amalfi Coast. We spent only a few hours at Sorrento following a visit to Pompeii. The outdoor restaurant where we had lunch served french fries with our pizza which we thought was an odd combination. We still joke about that when we order pizza.

    Your pictures are just wonderful!

  3. Love this site. We just found out about it from Barry and Carol. This certainly brings back memories for us.

    Pat and Mike

    1. Hi Pat and Mike,
      It is great to hear from you and we are glad you enjoy the site. We hope you will stop and see us if you are at the beach.
      Susan and Bruce

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