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Following are some of our favorite pictures from our two week stay in Siena.  

 The Duomo is similar to the one in Orvieto, but not quite as elaborate on the exterior.  

 The interior of the Duomo contains a lot of significant art. This statue of St. Jerome is by Bernini.  

 These frescoes in the Duomo were finished 550 years ago and have never been restored. The colors look like they were finished yesterday.  

 The rooftops of Siena with the central square, El Campo, in the center. The building with the tower is city hall.  

 The fountain in El Campo was supposed to be Carrera marble, but the sculptor used a cheaper local marble which degraded with time. The originals are in a museum and these are copies made from molds of the originals.  

 People sit and lay in El Campo as if they were at the beach.  

 City Hall on El Campo.  

 The city hall has a pair of frescoes called Effects of Good and Bad Government. What more fitting place than city hall for such a topic. Above is part of the good government with Angels and happy, employed people. The bad government has death and Devils.  

 The fortress became Susan’s favorite place to exercise. The top was shaded with trees and had a wide walking path. This is not what she wears to exercise! 

 The public market and countryside behind city hall.  

 The city gate.  

 An old town well. The water flowed through three areas. The first area was for people to drink.  The second area was for domestic animals.  The third area was for laundry.  And the remaining water was used for industrial purposes. 

 A small church near our apartment. It was a landmark for going home.  

 The Chigiana Musical Accademy.  The interior is a fabulous palace, art collection, and musical instrument museum.  

 The Siena Synagogue, home to the fifty Jews of Siena.  

 Siena was filled with narrow quiet streets.  

     The hill top town of San Gimignano is noted for its towers.  

 The main street of San Gimignano. 

 The Baptistry in Volterra. 

 The Viti Palace in the hill town of Volterra. 

 The Roman Theater in Volterra.  The remains of the stage is the columns at the lower right.  

 Volterra was a very small town, but it had a nice park with a former fortress that is now a prison in the background.  

 Volterra and the Tuscan countryside with ominous clouds approaching.  

 The hillside town of Monteriggioni is entirely contained within the walls of the former fort.  

 The Monteriggioni church. 

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