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A strong contender for favorite stay in Italy isOrvieto and its nearby hillside town of Civita.  It was uncrowded and seemed to be straight out of medieval times.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures from those four days.  

 The Duomo has to be one of the most spectacular in Europe.  

The door is modern and was the subject of great controversy when it was installed. 

 One of the many interesting side streets to explore.   

 One of the interesting buildings visible from the edge of town. 

 Orvieto is built on top of a hill over many caves. The underground Orvieto tour had us making our way through narrow passages to see old olive presses and pigeon coops.      

 Wild boar is a specialty of the region.  All meat stores have some form of stuffed boar outside.  

 St Patrick’s Well.  The stairs circle down and back up in a double helix so traffic is one way on the stairs.  

 The remains of a fortress on the edge of town.  

 A path at the base of the cliff circles the town.  

 The Tuscan countryside. 

 The flowers were blooming and the petals were falling.  

 An Etruscan cemetery just off the trail.  

 We liked the contrast of flower boxes and laundry drying.  

 I like the rooftop views of Orvieto.

  Civita is perched precariously on top of a small hill with steep cliffs all around. The only way to get there is on this bridge.  

 The entry gate to Civita.  

 The wall with the vine is a facade with nothing behind it. The rest of the building slid down the hill in a landslide.  

 This chapel is built into a cave in the cliffs below the town.  

       The doors and lanes of Civita.  

 The badlands on one side of Civita.  

 Civita with the badlands in the background. 

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