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The Cinque Terre is a mountainous region of the Italian Riviera with five small and colorful towns rising up from the Mediterranean.  These towns are linked by trail, train, and boat. Following are pictures from all five towns and some day trips we made from the area.  

 Vernazza was our home base and this is the castle at the top of the hill behind our building.  

 The view of Vernazza from the castle.  

 The classic beauty shot of Vernazza.  I have seen a shot similar to this in many magazines and ads.  

 Vernazza at twilight.  

 There was a wedding one night in the restaurant next to us. The bride and groom went down to the harbor at sundown for pictures.  

 Vernazza harbor at night. 


  Manarola cemetery. 




 Hike to Monterosso. 

 Monterosso had the best beaches even though they were pebbly.  

 Vernazza from the hike to Corniglia. 

 The hike to Corniglia. 

 The Main Street in Corniglia. 

 Stairs from Corniglia down to the train station.  

 Church in Lucca 

     Portovenere was a great day trip. 


 Lighthouse and grotto on the islands around Portovenere. 


 Santa Margherita – another day trip. 

 Portofino.  Home to the rich and famous and us for three hours.  

 Another Vernazza sunset.  

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