Burgundy Pictures

Following are some favorite pictures from our one week stay in Change in the Burgundy region of France.  


 The Hotel Dieu, which might more properly be called a hospital or hospice, in Beaune, France was designed and built by one man and his wife in 1443 in hopes of securing a better position in their afterlife.  It is noted for its elaborate tile roof. The wing shown is the charity wing.  People who could afford to left vineyards to the hospital and that paid for much of the costs. It closed as a hospital in 1971, but profits from the vineyards still support hospitals in the region.  

This park in Beaune seemed like something Monet might paint.  

 If the land wasn’t planted in grapes, it was planted in wheat.  
 Vineyards were everywhere. 
 One of the many charming little towns surrounded by vineyards.   

   Chateau La Rochepot 

 The church in Rochepot 

 Windmill on vineyard walk. 

 Vineyard walk trail.  

 Many of the vineyards had doors like this to enter the vineyard.  

 A house in Mersault. 

 The Mersault city hall.  

 A flowered lane.  


 One of the canals in Burgundy 

 A typical street scene.  

   Abbey of Fontenay, a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1118. 


 One of several towers in Semur-en-Auxois. 

 The church in Semur-en-Auxois has a stained glass window honoring the American soldiers who died liberating the town in World War I. 

 Chateau where we went for our wine tasting.

7 thoughts on “Burgundy Pictures”

  1. Love your posts. Could you add information about the weather in the places you visit during the time you visit? Temperature, what you packed to get you through so many places, etc.? It would be helpful to those of us who may visit those locations. Most of our travel to Europe has been in September but wondering what other months are like.

    1. Thanks for your interest. I will be addressing July in Switzerland in my next post. The temperatures were pleasant in France and Italy. We had some rain in Burgundy. We bring layers for cold. We have pack able down jackets which provide a lot of warmth with little weight or space. We only wore them a handful of days.

  2. Did you learn that Beaune is known for its mustard? It is available in specialty shops or gourmet section of grocery stores in the US.

    1. We did see a lot of mustard there and tried to go to a mustard mill but we got there too late. Unfortunately, no room in the luggage.

    1. I’m glad you like it, I made a special trip looking for a place I could stop to take a picture of one.

  3. I think these are the most fabulous pictures! I’ll be showing them to Richard in hopes of tempting him into a “wine trip” to France.

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