Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We stayed in a house in Jaibalito on the shores of Lake Atitlan for one week.  The town can only be reached by boat and has no vehicles in town.  As you will see, they don’t even believe in wheelbarrows!  One interesting incident happened on the day we took a private boat to Panajachel to transfer to Antigua.  We were stopped by a “coast guard” boat with three men armed with rifles.  We thought it was a drug check, but it turned out we were supposed to be wearing our life jackets.  This in spite of the public boat passing us at the same time with no one wearing life jackets and not enough life jackets for everyone on board.  The private boat driver quickly gave us life jackets to wear and we were on our way.  You can read more comments on our experiences by clicking the “Lake Atitlan” category in the left column.

3 thoughts on “Lake Atitlan, Guatemala”

  1. I’m loving all your posts about Guatemala, and you are convincing me that we must return for an extended stay!

    1. Pictures are great – I didn’t realize that you guys kept in touch with Ron & Jean – What a nice way to travel.

      Do you look for places that are difficult to get to? Talk about roughing it. Although the Hotel surroundings are beautiful.

      What a Great Life – So happy for you. Give my regards to your travel buddies.


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