2014 Itinerary

  • 01/Jan – 16/Jan      Pawleys Island, SC
  • 17/Jan – 24/Jan      Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • 25/Jan – 21/Feb     Antigua, Guatemala
  • 22/Feb – 26/Feb     Florida
  • 27/Feb – 23/Apr     Pawleys Island, SC
  • 24/Apr – 08/May    Transatlantic Crossing-Celebrity Constellation
  • 09/May – 13/May   Amsterdam, Holland
  • 14/May – 16/May   Brussels, Belgium
  • 17/May – 16/Jun     Paris, France
  • 17/Jun – 30/Jun       San Sebastian, Spain
  • 01/Jul – 04/Jul           Madrid, Spain
  • 05/Jul – 07/Jul           Granada, Spain
  • 08/Jul – 04/Aug         Seville, Spain
  • 05/Aug – 16/Aug       Ireland, Car Trip
  • 17/Aug – 31/Dec       Pawleys Island, SC

4 thoughts on “2014 Itinerary”

  1. Please add us to your list. We are recently home free but not quite as adventuresome, so we hope to learn from you as well as the Martins. Thanks!

  2. I am Rita and Joe Gruber’s daughter (bageling). As soon as they told me what you were doing I told them you had to have been inspired by the Martins (who I contacted as soon as they posted their first article). Having done a “round the world” trip in 1982 I dream of doing what you are doing. But for now I will be content on following you (and the Martins) so please add me to your follow list. My dad is sending you an email with some Paris suggestions. ENJOY

    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for writing. It is indeed a small world. We were inspired by the first article she wrote for the WSJ. A friend sent us both a copy and we read it independently. When we discussed it that night, we both said it was something we wanted to do. We haven’t looked back since. We look forward to the suggestions on Paris. I need your email address to add you to the blog and you may not want to put that in a comment. You can subscribe on the site (be sure to look for the confirming email and click the link), or you can go to the contact section on the website and send me your email address (that is what your dad did).
      We really enjoyed spending time with your parents on the ship. Did your father tell you what a ham he was during the juggling show?

  3. Hi Bruce & Susan,

    I finally got this site to work for me….don’t know what was going on before but so pleased to see all the traveling you have been doing. It was very difficult getting together with you Susan even for lunch because I have been in Europe for so long but now even more difficult since you are traveling extensively. Bought a house and hoping to be settled in NC early next year so maybe we can sometime catch you when you are at Pawleys Island in the future? Have fun and be safe.

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