Oceania Cruise Wrap Up

We arrived home on Saturday, 29/Apr from our 100 day cruise from San Francisco to Dubai. It was a wonderful journey and we visited many places we had never visited before.

As most of you are aware, I had many problems with the blog. First the emails were not sent out when a new blog was posted. I worked with my web hosting company for several weeks, but the problem was never resolved. We got several emails from friends asking if everything was all right as they hadn’t seen any blogs. I then developed a system with the help of my daughter, Laura, where I could send an email to blog subscribers when a new blog was posted.

That worked pretty well until WordPress and Jetpack in their infinite wisdom decided to split into two separate apps that did similar things. Neither one would work for me, so I was unable to post anything to the blog. I developed another scheme with Laura’s help to write the blog on Google Docs and share it with Laura. She would then send it out to the subscriber list. This worked well a couple of times, but most the time she only saw a portion of the post.

I continued to write the posts, as I like to create a book of the blogs for a year as a reference to help our senior memories. Now that I am home and have access to good wifi and a computer (I only use an iPad on trips) to work with, I have found a way to move the write ups from Google Docs to the blog. I believe all blogs are here and in the proper order (but the dates are not correct). If you want to review the blogs you missed, you can begin with the most recent blog and work backwards; or go back to the last Rio blog and work forwards. I am sorry that the blog was so erratic on this trip. That is the first time I have had any of these problems.

Thank you for following our blog in the past. I am not sure what I will do on future trips. I have the subscriber list and will keep you advised whenever we travel again.

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