Heidelberg Palace

Our destination today was Heidelberg, a two hour drive from the little town where we docked on the Main. The primary site there is the Renaissance palace on the hill above the town. The palace is considered to be one of the grandest palaces of the Renaissance. The courtyard is surrounded by four palaces, each one considered to be a masterpiece. Unfortunately, lightning strikes and wars have damaged the palaces which are now a ruin.

The palace from in town
The palace from the ramparts
The entry gate to the courtyard
Three palaces in the courtyard
My favorite palace
Details of another palace
There were a lot of statues on the palaces.
There were many nice views of town from the palace
The town was mostly pedestrian shopping streets with a lot of sidewalk cafes.
The former site of the synagogue
One of many plazas in town
Even the little town where we docked had a castle.

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