The town of Bamberg dates back to the 9th century. The medieval old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

The Bamberg Cathedral was completed in 1012. The two towers on the left are a rugged Romanesque German design while the two on the right are a more more picturesque Gothic French design.
The New Residence served as the seat and residence of Bamberg’s prince bishops.
The rose garden behind the New Residence building has 4500 roses.
The red roofs of Bamberg can be seen from the rose garden.
There were cobblestones and flowers all over the town.
The city hall was built in the center of the river because the bishop of Bamberg would not grant any land to the citizens to build their city hall. They solved the problem by building it in the center of the river on an island they created.
The city hall had frescoes on both sides.
There are flags hung over the streets for a five day festival that begins tonight.
The building is Bottingerhaus. I have no idea what it is used for as all descriptions I can find are in German.
All of the buildings in town seemed worthy of a picture.

We spent the morning on the walking tour of the city and returned to the ship for lunch and a departure to our next port. We are now on the Main River. Unfortunately, the bridges are very low on the canal from the Danube to the Main and on the Main; so we have not been allowed on the sun deck for safety reasons when the ship is moving. We are hoping for higher bridges soon!

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  1. Such beautiful architecture. I’m a bit surprised all of these buildings survived the war. Look forward to next post.

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