Happy Cascaronazos Weekend

The period before lent is Carnival time in many Latin American countries. This is traditionally a time of exotic costumes, fancy parades, and heavy drinking leading up to the somber period of Lent. In San Miguel the weekend before lent is known as Cascaronazos and lasts from Saturday to midnight on Tuesday. So how do you celebrate? First, you head to the Jardin, the garden in the center of town.

There you pick up colorful eggs filled with even more colorful confetti from one of the vendors lining the street.
Then you find your victim and break an egg over their head. This is very popular with children as seen here in the gazebo in the center of the Jardin. It is also traditional to break an egg on the head of your loved one, but I didn’t see much of that. Adults and visitors are not safe, but I only saw parents who had been victims.
This girl was a victim. If you look at the ground you will see a lot of confetti and eggshells.
Another victim out for revenge.
There were a lot of workers in the Jardin with the impossible task of cleaning up the mess. I had gone to the Jardin for a quiet time of people watching, but it was too chaotic for me. Happy Cascaronazos to you!

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  1. Thanks, Bruce! I hadn’t heard of the egg breaking tradition! Are you sure you didn’t break one over Susan’s head?

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