An Afternoon of Nirvana

Tuesday we went with our friends Adrienne and Herb to the Nirvana Hotel and Restaurant for a relaxing afternoon and lunch. The last time we were in San Miguel two years ago, we went to Nirvana for lunch where I learned that I really like tamarind. We found tamarind at an Asian store in Wilmington, but it just didn’t live up to my recollections. I found a tamarind dish in an Indian restaurant in Wilmington which I get every time I go there, but it still wasn’t as good as my original tamarind dish. After some lobbying, I talked everyone into going to Nirvana. Once again, I had: PECHUGA DE POLLO. rellena de queso cabra, espinacas y champiñones en salsa de tamarindo or chicken stuffed with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms in tamarind sauce. While it was delicious, I am not sure anything can live up to that first experience. Once more, you can’t go home again.

We ate outside in a thatched roof shelter overlooking a valley.
This is the view of the valley below. A hummingbird was in the flowers for much of the meal.
Some of the grounds.
Even the baños are in a beautiful building!
The main building is on the right and the shelter where we ate is on the left.
The hotel pool.
The grounds are nicely decorated.
More of the grounds. Yes, the sky is normally that blue here. We decided we would stay here for a couple days the next time we come to San Miguel. It is a fifteen minute taxi ride from Centro, so it would just be a relaxing couple days to enjoy the grounds, food, and pool.
They also had some beautiful pottery for sale. It was the same pottery they use in the restaurant.
The Parroquia at sunset from our rooftop. I can’t imagine who thought it was a good idea to locate that tower there.
A popular evening activity is to go to the Jardin and watch the Parroquia light up.

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  1. How beautiful, Bruce! I’m going to make a note to go there!
    Fabulous view from your rooftop, but I’m with you on the poor choice of locations for the tower!

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