Quaint Quimper

Our next, and what would turn out to be our final, port of call was Brest, France. Our tour here was to the quaint, half-timbered town of Quimper (which our guide pronounced as Kim.pair’) located in the Brittany prefecture. The weather had been cloudy and somewhat threatening in the previous ports, but here it was off and on rain all morning. As we were riding the bus to Quimper, the rain intensified to a steady heavy rain. Just as the bus stopped to let us off, the rain stopped and the clouds soon parted for a beautiful afternoon in a beautiful little French town.

Quimper is located at the confluence of two rivers which give the town the appearance of canals running through it. The town name means confluence.
There were many half-timbered buildings in town.
Many of the half-timbered buildings showed a definite slant.
There were pretty street scenes all over the city.
A number of the buildings had caricatures on the front.
The French do love their merry go rounds. There was even one at the entrance to the cathedral.
The cathedral entrance.
The Quimper Cathedral is unique in that the nave has an angle at the middle. This was done to avoid building part of the church in a swampy area.
A garden square adjoining the cathedral.
Quimper is well known for its China and pottery. This store had a sample of the various patterns on the facade of the building. We visited on a Sunday and most of the shops were closed. However, what our guide called the “sin shop” was open; and we did enjoy some delicious French treats there.
We thought Quimper was a delightful city we would like to explore in more detail.

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    1. The final port was cancelled as the ship couldn’t safely dock in the high winds. It became an additional sea day in the Atlantic crossing.

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