The Land of Impressionism

After our first port of Zeebrugge was cancelled because our departure from Amsterdam had to be delayed until the high winds had diminished so we could safely traverse the locks. That made our first port LaHavre, France. The main destinations for this port were Paris, a three hour drive, and the beaches of Normandy. Since we had lived for a month in Paris and visited the beaches of Normandy during that month, we opted to visit Monet’s home in the small village of Giverny.

Monet had a large home set among extensive gardens. While the gardens were certainly past their prime, there were still a lot of blooms.
Monet’s studio is the entrance to the first floor. Like many of the rooms, the walls are covered with paintings. I presume they are reproductions.
His desk with a beautiful veneer image on the lid.
The dining room. Apparently, Monet liked Japanese art as this room was filled with it.
The kitchen had a nice assortment of copper pots.
The flower beds were not planted in an artistic manner, but were long beds of what seemed to be randomly planted flowers with a gravel path between the beds. They employ ten full time gardeners and have volunteers from around the world to assist in the summer. They try to maintain the gardens the same as Monet had them. The gardens are quite large as they extend across the front of the house which you see in the background of the picture.
The famous water lily pond was on the other side of the road in front of the house and was not visible from the house. Unfortunately, no blooms in the fall.
The edges of the pond were heavily landscaped. In this part of France, people were wearing masks outside as well as inside.
There were several row boats scattered around the pond, and that must be the way to get the classic view of this famous bridge.
We had lunch in the restaurant in the hotel where Monet liked to dine with his fellow painters. It was a very enjoyable day. We both like Monet’s art so it was nice to see the spot where he did many of his paintings.

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  1. How beautiful. What a treat to see his inspiration. Sad I have not managed to make it there through all my French tirps (for work of course therefore understandable!!)
    Safe travels. Thanlkks for sharing

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