It’s Not So Wide Right Now

When we created this blog, we intended to write posts to describe our travels around the world to let our friends know where we are and to document the travels to help our senior minds remember. I make a book of all the blogs each year to facilitate the remembering. Unfortunately, the book is going to be awfully thin this year.

While we presently don’t believe international travel is realistic until we have a vaccine, we grew tired of seeing only Wilmington after over four months. Not only were we limited to Wilmington, we were limited to small parts of Wilmington such as Aldis, Lowes, and Home Depot. The highlight of those four months was a 45 minute drive to a nursery for some plants. We finally decided to try visiting some places in the Carolinas. This blog is about our brief trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After visiting our son and his family in Matthews for one night, we headed to the mountains. Our first stop was Bridges Barbecue in Shelby. When we lived in Charlotte, I always stopped at Bridges whenever we went to the mountains. This was my first visit since we moved out of Charlotte. We ate at an outside picnic table. You have to love those hush puppies!

We drove about forty miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mountain laurel and the white rhododendrons were blooming. While there were a lot of cars on the Parkway, social distancing was no problem at the overlooks.
We stayed at the Pisgah Inn on the Parkway. The restaurant served only guests in three seatings, so social distancing was very easy. In our two nights there, we enjoyed brook trout, meat loaf, and ribs. All very good. This picture was taken behind the restaurant.
The view from our room.
We found an overlook to enjoy the sunset.
We did a short hike to a waterfall at the Graveyard Fields overlook.
This waterfall was our destination. There is a swimming hole at the base which some of the younger hikers were enjoying. The temperatures were delightful – mid 70’s. We wore a light jacket in the evenings.
A lake in Sapphire, NC.
We enjoyed a nice visit with our friends from the Viking World Cruise, Bonnie and Dick.

While it was only a three night trip, it was wonderful seeing family, friends, and new scenery. Thanks for traveling along with us. While it is not as exciting as going to a place like Bhutan, it was still great getting out and seeing something different. Every place we went seemed to be very conscious of sanitation and social distancing, so we never felt unsafe. Hopefully, we will still feel that way in 14 days. We would enjoy hearing about any safe travel plans you have for this year. Stay safe!

5 thoughts on “It’s Not So Wide Right Now”

  1. So happy to see your beautiful photos and that you had a nice visit with Bonnie and Dick. We have been staying pretty close to home but have enjoyed walks along the beaches when not too crowded. We were supposed to be with our whole family of 9 in the Galápagos Islands this week which has been a little hard to think about. We have rebooked for next year. We’ll see!!!
    Stay well and travel safely.

  2. Thank you fir this lovely travelogue. Sometimes the simple life is amazing . We are all being reminded of that these days.

  3. Glad you two got out and about….. so far, I’ve not been further than 8.8 miles from my house, to visit a friend. The Blue Ridge Mts is one of many US places I have never been. We did drive the entire Natchez Trace, in dogwood season, and that was wonderful. I do like road trips down south — which I trace (so to speak) to reading Truman Capote and Harper Lee in my formative years !

    1. We did the Natchez Trace several years ago. It is nice, but inot as nice as the Blue Ridge Parkway in my opinion. Be sure to include Wilmington in any southern road trip! We would love to see you again.

  4. Your title is sadly very accurate right now, Bruce! Glad you could venture out a bit on the parkway and visit one of your old favorite restaurants! We are loving Colorado, but haven’t ventured out of Denver very much. We take the grandchildren to parks where social distancing is no problem. We took them to Rocky Mountain National Park last week and are going again this week. I have to say it’s busier than we expected it to be though!

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