Home Sweet Home

After a little over six weeks in Mexico, we flew home on Saturday. The last two days in Merida, we spent a lot of time relaxing at the hotel pool and the nearby Progreso Beach.

Progreso was less than an hour bus ride from Merida. It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but that is the longest pier in the world from the left side of the ocean. It is nearly four miles long. The white building in the top center is the cruise ship terminal. It was a nice beach with very calm water. The only problem was the constant stream of vendors,

On Valentine’s Day we attended a performance by Orquestra Sinfonica de Yucatan. They performed Beethoven’s 7th and Ravel. They were as good as the Charlotte and North Carolina Symphony Orchestras.

This is the grand staircase entrance to the theater. The flowers are real – you can see a man watering the top bunch.

The theater was a classic European style theater. We waited until too late in the week to get our tickets, so we were in the top level of boxes on the side. Our tickets were $7.50 each. The most expensive tickets were $25.

While we enjoyed our week in Merida, we are very glad that we didn’t follow our first instinct of spending an entire month there. We definitely prefer San Miguel for the long stays. The restaurants are much better and there is far more variety of entertainment in San Miguel. We also think San Miguel is a cleaner and more attractive city. On the plus side, walking in Mérida is much easier and less hazardous.
You may have noticed that this post has a different look. WordPress has a new interface oriented around adding information in blocks. It appears that I can now add video directly to the blog. There was a link to this video in a previous blog, but I wanted to verify that I can now add video directly to the blog, so this is an experiment for my benefit.

Saturday we flew home to Wilmington. Our flight out of Miami to Charlotte was delayed about an hour leaving us about ten minutes in Charlotte to get from the end of one concourse where our flight arrived to the end of another concourse where our next flight departed. We made it with one minute to spare only to learn that the flight was delayed while they waited for a pilot who turned out to be right behind us. We took off about fifteen minutes later. Thanks to the pilot delay, our luggage also made it to Wilmington.

Once again, we had a very enjoyable six weeks in Mexico despite having less than the ideal weather we have come to expect. Thanks for following along on our journey through the blog and a special thanks to all who have written to us. We always enjoy hearing from you. Our next trip will be to Chautauqua, NY for the week long session on climate change at the end of June. We hope you will join us.

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Looks like you made choice by doing 6 weeks in Mexico. Enjoyed you posts and photos. .

    Be glad you’re not on this year’s Viking World Cruise. Our neighbors are. The current segment Bali has changed and keeps changing. No Hong Kong, no Xiamen, no Manila (sorry crew), no Singapore, no KK. But our friends say Viking is doing a great job in arranging new stops, resupply ports, excursions, etc. Of course there are whiners and bitchers.

  2. Thanks, Larry, for the Viking update…. I’ve been wondering where “our” ships are these days, vis à vis the virus….

    Welcome home, Bruce and Susan. I’ve driven through, but never stopped at, Chautauqua… I’ll be interested in reading your adventures there. Meanwhile, I will be in France…

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos and observations.
    I am glad you returned home safely (with luggage) and am already looking forward to your next trip.
    Sharon Patocki
    Rochester Hills, Michigan

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