Ronda 2: Bridges, Beauty, and Bull

For there to be a new bridge, there must be an old bridge. So in the cool of Friday morning we walked down through the old town to the two older bridges in Ronda and on to the Arab Baths. The Old Bridge dates back to 1616. Even further down is the even older Arab Bridge, which is often called the Roman Bridge though it is unlikely it dates back that far. You can see the remains of the Arab Baths just behind the bridge.

We walked back up through the terraces on the new town side of the gorge. The picture below is looking back through the Old Bridge to the Arab Bridge.

We stayed in the Parador perched on the edge of the gorge. We spent much of our first afternoon there at the pool. The weather was beautiful with temperatures in the high 70’s and a light breeze.

Below is the view from our room.

Ronda has both the oldest and the biggest bull fighting arena in Spain. It is one of four arenas in the country that still have bull fights. We have seen three of the four. Most cities held the bull fights in town squares such as I described earlier in the San Sebastián pictures. The picture shows some goofball hiding behind the protective barrier. By the way, that crazy guy told me there is barely room to squeeze behind the barrier.



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