Random Thoughts on Seville

Does it seem strange to you that milk is only sold in one liter containers (about a quart), but olive oil is readily available in five liter containers?

Seville has a large and beautiful old town, but it is marred by a lot of graffiti. Most shops have metal shutters they pull down over their doors and windows and almost all of these are covered with graffiti.

Seville residents are the worst at picking up after their dogs.

In the afternoon, everyone is walking on one side of the street while the sidewalk on the other side of the street is empty. Why? Guess which side is the shady side! Have I mentioned that it is hot here?

They love mayonnaise here. I got a tapas plate once of chicken croquettes. There were six croquettes (about two bites each) and at least a cup of mayo to dip them in. Same with French fries in a spicy sauce. There was about half a cup of mayo under the spicy sauce. I wonder what their cholesterol level is here. I wonder what mine will be when I get back.

Nine is an early dinner. Restaurants don’t get busy until ten.

A meal must start with a dish of olives. Bread is sometimes free and sometimes not.

It is very rare to find anyone in a store or restaurant that can speak English, though most restaurants have English menus.

Many streets in the old town are so narrow there is no sidewalk on either side and you must walk in the street. You learn to listen carefully for approaching cars. An electric car could be deadly.

I have never seen a city with so many churches. On the next to last day in Seville we discovered a new church only a block from us. It only had one of the clues we discussed previously.

Mary is by far the favorite statue on the alter of churches here. According to Rick, the residents of Seville are as loyal to the Mary of their choice as they are to their soccer team.


Don’t even think of shopping between 2 PM and 5 PM. Who wants to be out in the heat of the day. Also, many stores and restaurants close for vacation in July or August.

Out of the 28 days we have been here there have been clouds on 6 of them. Interestingly, each of those days has had total cloud cover in the morning that clears to no clouds by noon. What you rarely see is a few puffy clouds. And the highest chance of rain I saw was 7%.

You see more people sitting at cafés eating churro and coffee on Sunday morning than you see in church. What is going to happen to all these old churches with so few people attending them?

Who would guess that Susan would be so excited every time she finds a new church during her walks?

Most photographers are drawn to certain subjects like windows, doors, laundry, or graffiti. I happen to like tree trunks with a sub specialty in tree roots. Seville is a paradise for me with many big, old trees with exposed roots. I have used the greatest possible restraint to only share one here.


Does anyone know a salmorejo anonymous group? The withdrawal when we leave is going to be difficult.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Seville”

  1. I can relate about the salmorejo. My version of AA needs to be Ajvar Anonymous. Totally hooked on this red pepper spread from Serbia. We were so excited to find a jar in a store in Germany. None yet in Ireland.

  2. It’s 10:45 PM and I’m doing my usual email check. Each time I come across one of your posts it’s like getting a little treat!
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy them and how it makes me feel that we are still connected. Keep em coming!!
    Looking forward to Ireland. xoxo

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