Something Different

We have now been in Europe for well over three months and will be back home in less than three weeks. While I am thoroughly enjoying Europe, I am starting to think about returning home and I am realizing that there are certain things I miss about home. Following is a list of the Top Ten Things I Miss About Home.

10. Being able to watch Letterman before falling asleep to provide inspiration for writing this list.

9. Ice. The only sure way to get ice here is to order sangria. With other drinks, you usually don’t get any ice unless you ask and then it is usually only one cube.

8. Hearing American English. If you hear any English, it is usually someone from Australia, Britain, or Canada. I know we have talked to more Aussies than Americans and I’m pretty sure we have talked to more Canadians also. I would love to hear a good “y’all”.

7. Driving a Car. Public transportation is great here, but there is still a big convenience in driving a car. However, no way would I drive a car in old town Seville. The streets are confusing enough and you have to know which are wide enough for cars. I saw a car on the street today with the wheels on both sides touching a curb.

6. Iced Tea. Big. Cold. Unlimited refills. No can involved. They have the cutest little glasses and bottles here for soft drinks.

5. My Reclining Chair and Zero Gravity Chair. Rental units and hotels have a serious lack of comfortable chairs. I usually end up sitting in a dining room chair because the others are so uncomfortable.

4. My Computer. I am using an iPad which is doing a pretty good job, but it is just easier to do some things on a computer.

3. Pulled Pork Barbecue. I guess that really became an issue when we moved from the Charlotte area to Pawleys Island. There is no substitute for Bridges and Lexington Barbecue. You can throw Cajun, Creole, and Southwestern food into this item also.

2. The Marsh View. I love to look at the marsh behind our condo. We have an abundance of city views that are superior to most US city views, but we are seeing little of the country; and I generally like the country better than the city.

1. News From Home. No, I don’t miss the local TV news. In fact it is a plus not having any local news I can understand. However, I really miss hearing what is happening with family and friends. Y’all can help the situation by keeping in contact by email and letting us know what is happening in your life.

2 thoughts on “Something Different”

  1. Completely agree with #5. The best and comfiest couch so far was at our airbnb rental in Amsterdam where we rented someone’s flat. I agree that hotels and rentals that are permanent rentals usually don’t have good furniture. PS – check your email, sent you a message on the “contact us” about Dublin 🙂

  2. Totally agree on #6. And that applies even in the US. One of the best things about returning to TX from 15 years in the midwest is the ice tea!

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