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First, I must give credit for the concept of this post to Pam of MSNomad. We liked the idea when she did it and so blatantly stole it to use today.
We set out this morning to walk to two large, historic buildings. Seville has no shortage of such buildings. We started out at 10 AM so the shopkeepers were busy cleaning the front of their stores.

We walked down one of five more or less parallel pedestrian shopping streets and stopped to check out a church from the 18th century adjacent to a Guess store.

As usual, we didn’t buy a lottery ticket from the numerous vendors all over town. We didn’t know how we could learn if we won!

We enjoyed walking under the shade of the overhead canvas that covers much of the shopping streets and even part of this plaza in front of city hall. Have I mentioned that it is hot here and everyone likes to walk in the shade!

We thought about trying a carriage ride, but we are going for a walk, not a ride, with you; so we kept on walking.

We stopped briefly to listen to some Mexican music, but decided we didn’t need any CD’s.

We carefully avoided the “rosemary ladies” who give you a sprig of herb, read your palm, and want a five Euro tip. “No, gracias!” They are all around the cathedral.

We took one more look at the cathedral that dominates the old town.

We reach our first destination, The Archive of the Indies.

The building has an interesting history. Seville has a navigable river to the Mediterranean. After Columbus discovered America, all trade between Europe and the Americas was done through Seville. The building was originally built to house all the trade groups that developed here. After a while, the port moved from Seville to the coast and the building became a tenement. At that time, Spain was taking a lot of heat for controlling the Americas, so they decided to use this building to house all the documents relating to the discovery and trade with the Americas. They were trying to make the case that they rightfully owned the Americas. Ultimately, related documents from all over Europe have been housed here. They also claim to be the first archive to computerize their documents so researchers anywhere can access them.
But let’s continue our walk. Just outside the archive a group of camp kids and their counselors are having a good time singing and jumping.

We listen to a little violin music,

and do a little browsing.

We reach our next destination, a huge building that used to be the tobacco factory that was the inspiration for the opera, Carmen. It is now part of the University of Seville.

The building is surrounded by an old moat to help protect it from tobacco thieves.

We walk home through Murillo gardens by the old Jewish section.

We then walk down another awning covered shopping street,

where Susan is still shopping for the perfect flamenco dress to wear in Pawleys Island.

Rebajas means sale, but the price wasn’t quite good enough to close the deal. I hope you enjoyed the walk today as much as we did.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad to go on a virtual summer walk in Seville with you! I can’t do those hot summer temps, so this was fun. Glad you stole the idea. 🙂

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