Peru Pictures

Following are some of our favorite pictures from our trip to Peru with Overseas Adventure Travel. 

 Susan enjoying the national drink of Peru, the pisco sour.  The foam comes from raw egg white.  Does the alcohol make that OK???  

 Machu Picchu is the highlight of most trips to Peru.  That was true for us also.  I particularly like it because it is so hard to take a truly bad picture here.  

 Cusco Cemetery  

 The annual one day market in Cusco to buy supplies for Christmas nativity scenes. 

 An example of the Inca walls found throughout Peru.  The rocks are so closely shaped that you cannot insert a playing card between them.  No mortar is used in making the walls.  This wall is at Sacsayhuaman near Cusco.

   Cusco street scenes. 

 Our tour group was a big help in baking bread at this bakery. 

 Raqchi Archaeological site has the ruins of the largest Inca temple in Peru. 

 Suspension bridge in San Pedro near Raqchi. 

 This pass was the highest point on the road between Cusco and Puno (Lake Titicaca). 

 Alpaca buddies. 

 The Uros Indians live on floating islands made of reeds on Lake Titicaca. 

 A chullpa, or funeral tower, of the Colla tribe dating to the fifteenth century at Sillustani near Puno. 

 With Eileen and Bob.  The other side of the chullpa isn’t in such good condition. 

 Laguno Umayo in Sillustani. 

 Flamingoes in a lagoon near Sillustani. 

 The cathedral in Puno. 

 In the smaller towns, nearly everyone dresses in traditional clothes.

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