Our Reward

It was a beautiful day to fly out of Charlotte. Thanks to TSA pre check, we breezed through security with our shoes on and our liquids in our luggage. Our plane arrived at the gate right on time at 1 PM, but when it came time to board they announced a slight problem. It turns out there was a crack in the pilot’s windshield and they were going to call the manufacturer to see if it was safe to fly. I thought why would any engineer take the risk of saying it is safe instead of making them fix the windshield. Sure enough, an hour and a half later we got the word the plane wouldn’t leave until 7 PM so they could replace the windshield. We spent the afternoon trying to make alternate arrangements that would get us to Guatemala City that night. We ultimately had to settle for a flight to Dallas that night and to Guatemala City the next morning. After standing by for one flight and not getting on it, we finally got to Dallas about 9 PM. After some more trials, we finally got to a motel courtesy of American Airlines.

We were supposed to leave for Lake Atitilan with our friends Jean and Ron the next morning at 9:30 AM but now we weren’t going to get to Guatemala City until 1PM. We exchanged numerous e-mails about the situation and left it in Jean’s good hands to make alternate arrangements. We arrived in Guatemala early, zipped through customs and stepped outside the airport to find at least a thousand Guatemalans waiting for passengers. We ultimately found Jean and Ron, made the three hour car ride to Lake Atitilan, and took a 15 minute boat ride to our house in Jaibalito only to find the power out. Fortunately, it was still daylight so we were able to settle in and headed off for the restaurant while it was still light.

Jaibalito has a population of about 600 and is accessible only by boat. There are no motorized vehicles in town, there are four restaurants in town, and one sidewalk from the dock and one cross sidewalk. In walking around last night and today, we have met most of the people in the town. Last night we had goulash, spaetzle, fresh vegetables and a bottle of wine and water for $12 per couple…and it was good and we didn’t get sick!

And look how beautiful our view is!


And So It Begins . . .

To our family and friends who will miss us, we know who you are.
To the curious, please follow our adventures and enjoy.
To the armchair travelers, we hope our photos and stories will be inspiring and fun to follow.

We welcome your comments as we are surely going to be homesick and missing family,  friends, and our beautiful Pawleys Island beach.

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