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Those of you with really good memories, may recall a post titled Old Baldy from September of last year. In that post we talked about our tour of Bald Head Island (BHI) with a group from Del Webb. If you want to review the history of the island, you can search for the “Old Baldy” post using the search icon in the upper right of the page. I ended the post saying that we enjoyed the island so much that we were already talking about our return. This week we made that dream come true.

We rented a VRBO on the island with two other couples from Del Webb, Maryann & Paul and Nancy & John. The home was beautiful and surrounded by dense, old growth forest. As part of our house rental, we were able to have a temporary membership in the Shoals Club during our stay. The weather was mostly sunny with temperatures in the low 70’s, but very windy. As a result our time at the beach and pool at the club was limited, but we did enjoy a wonderful dinner on our last night. There are no cars or trucks on the island (other than for construction), so we explored the island on the golf cart included with the rental.

Our house was called “Morning Light” and included a six passenger golf cart being charged in the rear of the driveway, a four passenger golf cart, and four bikes.
The living room and all three bedrooms had views of the surrounding forest.
Part of the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room table. The house accommodated us very comfortably and featured a lot of wood in its design and furnishings. Even the sink in the downstairs bath was wood.
The island is only accessible by ferry. This is the marina where the ferry arrives. It is surrounded by houses, several bed and breakfasts, and a few restaurants and businesses.
The island is marsh, forest, and beach. Much of the land is protected as a nature conservancy. Here we are on one of several nature trails. From left to right is Paul, Maryann, Nancy, Susan, and John.
The overwhelming majority of the houses on the island are custom designed and built. Like the one we rented, most were built to protect as much surrounding vegetation as possible. We particularly liked this one overlooking the ocean.
One of the two pools at the Shoals club. The water was heated and people were in the pool, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for me.
There was a wide, soft sand beach by the shoals club. The beach is off of Frying Pan Shoals which is part of the graveyard of the Atlantic due to the high number of shipwrecks there. The water is very shallow off the beach and you can walk a long distance into the ocean. However, the water was very rough due to a storm offshore, so we didn’t go in the ocean.
Sand, seabirds, and waves
Old Baldy lighthouse.
Confederate Jasmine is popular at the houses around the marina. It smells as good as it looks.
A nature overlook popular with birds.
We enjoyed our three days on BHI and look forward to returning. Thanks to Maryann for allowing me to use a number of her pictures.

5 thoughts on “Return to Bald Head Island”

  1. A wonderful visit with wonderful friends. Bald Head Island is a perfect island getaway and we’re lucky to have it close by.

  2. Bruce, Susan….this island looks like paradise. The natural understated pristine beauty speaks to me. Glad you returned. I felt I was there with you. Love the pic of you both. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bruce and Susan,
    Beautiful photos and we thank you for sharing. Beach, Marsh and Forest – a certain recipe for serenity.
    Cindy and Ron

  4. It looks like a lovely place to visit. The beach photos remind me of a vacation to Nag’s Head with Martha many years ago. I enjoyed the shallow shoreline — perfect for someone who is not a strong swimmer..

  5. Looks like a lovely place to visit. In particular I loved the photo of the sand, the surf and the Skimmers. Wonderful composition.

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