The Toy Museum

While sitting on our roof, we noticed another roof top across the street and several doors down that had a steady stream of people going out on the roof and taking pictures. We thought it might be a restaurant, so we checked it out. We learned that it is a toy museum, so we went to see it today. It is an exhibit of toys that were collected by one man over a fifty year period.

The exhibits contain more than what we would typically call toys.
Skulls and skeletons are seen throughout Mexico as remembrances of Catrina from the Diego Rivera mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon along Central Almeda. These images are also common in Day of the Dead celebrations.
Ferris wheels were a popular toy.
Many of the toys, such as this dump truck, were made of woven reeds.
There was a wide variety of dolls representing cultures in different regions of Mexico.
They had planes made from old soda cans.
Each of the little bottles of Coca Cola in all of the cases had Coca Cola written on them. That looked like a lot of painstaking work!
There were views of many more rooftops from the roof of the museum.
And there is always the Parroquia in the background.

Sunday night we went to the ProMusica chamber music concert starring a Russian pianist. He was very talented. One piece he played was by a Russian composer who had lost the use of his right arm. Consequently, he composed sonatas to be played only with his left hand. It was pretty amazing. He played with the right hand on his lap or the top of the piano. His left hand covered both the left and extreme right sides of the piano. It was interesting to watch.

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  1. I remember walking past the toy museum when we were there before, but we never stopped in! This time we will! Thanks, Bruce!

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