A Walk to the Mirador

The Mirador or viewpoint is in the hills above the city. We don’t normally walk there as it is quite an uphill climb from previous houses we have rented. However, our house this year is partway up the hill so the walk to the Mirador is less than half a mile. We decided to make the hike.

San Miguel has a lot of churches and early in the morning you hear a lot of church bells. In our home the loudest bells start at 6:30 AM and on a typical day we will hear over 200 chimes during the next 90 minutes. We believe this pattern of chimes is to call the parishioners to the morning services. We are curious as to which church is doing all the chiming. We live on a short block between San Francisco and Correa. When we look up San Francisco, this is the church we see,
This is the church we see when we look up Correo. This is our leading candidate for the bell ringing as it appears to be a large, functioning church.
This was the third church on the walk and is not a leading contender as it is further away, but you can make out a rope to the right of the tower which is used to ring the bells.
Of course along the way we saw a fountain,
stairs we would hate to negotiate every day,
a colorful building,
and a really uphill driveway.
The panoramic view from the Mirador. The Parroquia is on the far right.
A closeup of the Parroquia from the Mirador. You will note that the fancy gables and color are really a facade to look good from the Jardin and the bulk of the church is really quite plain
Valentines Day dinner at La Prada Peruvian restaurant.

5 thoughts on “A Walk to the Mirador”

  1. Love seeing your pictures of San Miguel and, of course, reading your stories. Wonder how you get there. Where do you fly to? Might have to plan a trip there.

    1. You can fly to Leon, Queretero (sp? QRO), or Mexico City. There is a shuttle company in San Miguel that will pick you up at any of the airports and take you to your home in San Miguel. It is a 1.5 hour drive from from the first two airports and a four hour drive from Mexico City.

  2. I always love seeing the pictures you take, especially of buildings, and reading about your view of things wherever you are. Wishing you many more years of exploring!

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