Living in San Miguel

One of the adventures of living in a foreign country is grocery shopping. You can’t read the labels and you find items in unexpected places. For instance, most milk is unrefrigerated so you look for it in the grocery aisles. In San Miguel, we normally buy our groceries in local tiendas or small grocery stores that are located near our house. Last year we made our first visit to the large grocery, La Comer. Since then, a new more upscale super market known as City Market was built adjacent to La Comer. We decided to walk the nearly two miles there and take a taxi back home with our groceries.

City Market was very large and much nicer than any supermarket we have seen in the US. It is owned by La Comer and, despite being more upscale, has the same price for identical items according to people we have talked to here. However, they have a much greater diversity of items including many imported from the US. The wine section was not as big as Total Wine, but it was huge for a super market. There was an entire aisle with coolers of beers on each side. It was quite a different experience from our usual visit to Aldi at home!

San Miguel is an artist colony with a lot of interesting galleries to check out.
There is also an abundance of churches to explore.
This building ticked several boxes for a focused walk: door, downspouts, and house lights.
Candelaria, the flower show in Juarez Park has a show each evening. This was a dance performance by the student art group from the Cultural Center mentioned in a previous blog.
The trees in the plaza in front of San Francisco church are barely high enough for me to walk under without ducking.
We ate lunch Friday at a roof top restaurant. This picture looking toward the Rosewood Hotel gives you an idea of how nice some of the roof tops are.
San Miguel at night from another roof top restaurant where we had dinner. The food was outstanding at both of these restaurants.
One can never get enough pictures of the Parroquia. This was taken at sunset walking down the street to the side of our house to dinner.

5 thoughts on “Living in San Miguel”

  1. Beautiful pictures! We just booked an apartment in SMA for March 21 – May 2! We will be in Querétaro for two weeks before that. Can’t wait to be back in Mexico! I just wish we were going to be there while you are!

  2. I have just caught up on your travels and am soooooo envious. I so need a warm holiday after the snow wand ice and freezing nights!
    How wonderful the Covid precautions ae so much better than here. So tired of the general disregard in Charlotte and nearby SC.
    Enjoy your lovely 2nd home and town and thank you for allowing us to share vicariously – loved the horse, the roof tops, the sun…

  3. Thank you for sharing. Looks like a lovely place to be! Beats Minnesota this time of year. -12 degrees last night!

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