Exploring San Miguel – Part 2

Monday was Constitution Day, a national holiday in Mexico. San Miguel is usually crowded with Mexican tourists on the weekends, but for a three day weekend it is really packed. Based on the crowds we experienced Saturday and Sunday when it was hard to get a seat in the Jardin and the restaurants were full, we decided to spend Monday exploring outside of Centro. Our first stop was the luxurious Live Aqua hotel which we stumbled onto two years ago shortly after it opened. Our goal was to learn if they sold day passes so we could use the pool. Unfortunately, the answer was a resounding “No”.

This is the pool we hoped to be able to use. Not only did they not sell day passes, they kicked us off the pool deck because we were not staying there.
Below the pool was a nice area to enjoy lunch.
Next to the pool was what looked to be some type of sauna. I particularly liked the old doors they used to make the wall.
A small part of the hotel and grounds.
Looking out of the hotel into one of the courtyards. I think we would have enjoyed a day pass here.
We did this walk with our friends Adrienne and Herb who used to live in Charlotte. We first learned of San Miguel from them.
Our main destination on the walk was Parque Municipal Zeferino Gutierrez. This is a new park that was still under construction when it was dedicated in January, 2020 when we were last in San Miguel. We tried to see it then, but didn’t get very far because of the construction.
The park was beautiful but deserted.
I was greatly honored that everyone thought the main statue in the park was a tribute to me!
There is an amphitheater which you can see through the fork of the tree, but we have not seen anything about events there. It seems like a beautiful setting for events.

Murals, skulls, an old wagon with pots: following are some pictures from our walk.

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