Let the Sun Shine In

We came to Puerto Vallarta after a month in San Miguel to relax in the warmth and sunshine at the pool. After walking three to five miles in the thin air and hills of San Miguel, it is really nice to have a week of total relaxation.As you can see, it is a beautiful pool surrounded by palms with mountains on one side and ocean on the other side.Unfortunately, this is us on day 1 with everyone wearing a fleece and huddled under a towel for warmth under a totally cloud covered sky. Day 2 was similar with a high probability of rain, which didn’t arrive until after dark. Day 3 was an all day rain. Fortunately, we brought a pirated DVD of Knives Out from Juan’s in SMA for entertainment. Day 4 had a gloomy forecast and the sky looked threatening when we awoke. By the time we finished breakfast, there were patches of blue; so we bravely headed for the pool. The sky cleared, and it was a nice afternoon. Day 5 and 6 were sunny as expected but a little chilly until afternoon. Fortunately, we had our Minnesota friends, Jean and Ron and Lynn and Jim to talk to and keep us entertained on the cloudy, rainy days.

Thursday, we went into the nearby town of Bucerías for dinner and to see the chalk art show on the streets. The theme for this year’s Chalk Art Walk 2020 was “One Love – Celebrating Unity Throughout The World.” Each of the 25 participating artists created theme inspired chalk art. Each art piece had to depict a human, animal, and plant all living harmoniously together. I think the bad weather reduced participation, and a couple of the art works were wiped out by the rain and not restored. Following are a few examples:

There was music as well as art.

We enjoyed a seafood dinner on the Bucerías oceanfront.

It was a beautiful sunset with birds flying around.

The. view of Puerto Vallarta from our room. Saturday we fly to Merida on the Yucatan peninsula. This will be a new location for us, so the blogs may be more frequent.

2 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine In”

  1. This is the SECOND Bucerías chalk art show post I’ve read today!

    Do you remember the tall blond Canadian solo Diane, from WC#1? She winters in Mexico and was also at the chalk art show, and posted pix on FB. So you’ve been scooped!

    Safe trip home!

  2. Anxious to hear about Merida. You should have better weather. I must say we’ve had a little cooler weather than ever before. However it’s sunny and beautiful today. Enjoy . Call me when you can.

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