Farewell San Miguel?

Saturday, we bid farewell to San Miguel and headed to Puerto Vallarta to visit our friends Jean and Ron and Lynn and Jim for a little pool and sea time. Despite being a little cooler and a little cloudier than usual, we once again thoroughly enjoyed our month in San Miguel. One of the appeals is the variety of good restaurants There is Mexican food of course, but there is also Thai, Peruvian, Italian, Lebanese, Indian, and many others to choose from as well. It appears the restaurant competition is so fierce, that you have to be good to survive. I think every meal we had was in the good to excellent range.

We also enjoy all the shows. It is easily possible to see a different show every night. While we didn’t reach that goal, we certainly saw a show on at least half the nights we were there. Two favorites come to mind. One was a tribute to Canadian song writers such as Neil Young, Ian Tyson (Ian and Sylvia), Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, and Leonard Cohen. The songs were performed by seven San Miguel singer/guitarists both individually and in groups. The show lasted three hours and included many songs we knew and others that we wish we knew. It was a very enjoyable last night in San Miguel.

Another highlight was this native of Jamaica who now resides in Canada. He had a wonderful smile and engaging personality to go along with his repertoire of Caribbean music. He was joined in the second half by a San Miguel guitar player who had never played with him previously and was not familiar with the music. He plays a nine string guitar. They played together beautifully and both seemed to enjoy playing together. There were also free concerts in a nearby park area . . .. . . as well as in the Jardin.

Another enjoyable activity for the women is shopping, particularly for San Miguel Sandals. I have discussed them previously, but for the newcomers to the blog, they sell for about $35 in San Miguel and cost about $100 more in the US under the name Charleston Shoe Company.There is a very special expression in town that you never see unless that person has just discovered the perfect pair of San Miguel Sandals.

We don’t see a lot of wildlife in town, but we did see this exceptionally large caterpillar on a tree outside our gate.We also had a small dove nesting in this thorny tree on our roof top patio. We were proud grandparents by the time we left.

Walking around town you might find an interesting door or an exterior wall decorated with plants. It pays to look inside any open doors, because you never know what you might find.

Before we left on this trip, we saw a Bloomberg news article about a cartel shooting in a restaurant in San Miguel. We also noted local reaction to the article stating that Bloomberg greatly exaggerated the situation. However, the police presence in town was much more noticeable. We saw police armed with machine guns on several occasions. The consensus of the locals we talked to was that if you didn’t have any business with the cartel and you stayed in the town, you were safe. We continued to walk the town day and night and never had an uncomfortable moment. Still, the changes are concerning. Will we go back? I hope so, but it likely won’t be next year as we already have fall and early spring plans.

11 thoughts on “Farewell San Miguel?”

  1. You write so well, Bruce. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip to SM and hope we can travel together again.
    Thank you.

  2. As always, I enjoyed immensely your photos and commentary. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. So happy that once again San Miguel did not disappoint. I loved the picture of the dove and the composition is so perfect you should submit it in a photography contest.

  4. I certainly hope that San Miguel will remain a safe place to live and visit! Larry and I feel as though we left a part of ourselves there! When people ask us our favorite place we’ve ever been, without hesitation our answer is San Miguel de Allende! We hope to return for an extended stay again soon! But we also hope you two are there when we do! Good job on the blog, as always, Bruce!

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