Sunday in San Miguel

One of the reasons we love San Miguel is the perennial spring like weather with abundant sun and little rain. According to the locals, this January has been cooler and cloudier than normal. Laura’s visit brought us a week of beautiful weather. Ron and Jean brought some of their Minnesota weather with cooler temperatures and more clouds. Sunday we bore full responsibility for cloudy, cool weather with a good chance of rain.

We hung around the house in the morning waiting for the temperature to warm up. In the afternoon we headed out for the Shelter Skelter Storytelling Extravaganza. As soon as we started out the door, I felt the first raindrop. I must have felt 20 more during our mile long walk. That is a typical rain event in San Miguel. The program at the Shelter Theater was ten people telling a story of ten minutes or less. Most of the stories were true. Some were very good and some were terrible, but all in all it was an enjoyable afternoon.

It was too early to eat after the show, so we headed to the Jardin to see what was going on. There was a stage set up in the plaza in front of the Parroquia, and it was soon occupied by two guitar player/singers playing popular American songs. After they concluded, they started to clear the stage and we thought the show was over. However, in a few minutes we heard loud Mardi Gras type music; and people in bizarre costumes playing an assortment of instruments soon filled the stage and plaza.

For a two short videos of the music and dancing, click here and click here.

We have no idea what the event was, but it was a lot of fun. I finished the day with dinner of Poblano en Nogada (a poblano pepper stuffed with meat and raisins covered with a walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds) at my favorite restaurant for that dish. It was delicious as usual! And despite the blue sky in the first picture above, there was more rain getting to the restaurant. This time I got at least seven drops on my head. No, I am not expecting any sympathy.