The Fancy Hotels of San Miguel

Tuesday we spent much of the day at Aurora Fabrica, a former cloth mill that has been converted into a collection of artist’s studios. We decided to go there the back way by the house we rented two years ago. We expected the route to cross a busy street and then pass through some large undeveloped areas. To our surprise there was a beautiful new hotel where the undeveloped area used to be. As always in San Miguel, it pays to walk through any open door and check it out.This unusual sculpture was in front of the hotel. We walked in through the lobby to explore the grounds.There was a nice swimming pool with an abundance of unused lounge chairs.They had a row of basket chairs which I could not resist trying out. They were as comfortable as they looked. We talked to some of the staff, and they claimed the hotel was doing well, but we saw two customers the whole time we were exploring. The listed rates at the front desk were $600/night and way up. When we looked online at home, you could get a room for as little as $300/night.These ruins were located right next to the hotel grounds.

You have heard us talk of our friends Jean and Ron from Minnesota, who are coming to visit us in a week. Wednesday, we met their friends, Kathy and Steve, who are visiting San Miguel for a week. We had lunch in the courtyard of the Santa Monica Hotel and then explored some of the city highlights with them. We ended the day with frozen mango margaritas at a rooftop bar.

Thursday, we joined Kathy and Steve again for drinks on the rooftop of the other luxury hotel in town, The Rosewood Hotel, directly across the street from where we are staying. We hear the music from the rooftop in our home. The Rosewood rooftop is well known for its sunset views. When we looked over the hilltop area known as The Balconies, we saw the moon rising.When we looked the other direction, we saw the sun setting over the area known as San Antonio.Finally, after the sun set, we saw the Parroquia lit for the night. The Rosewood seems to be more expensive than Live Aqua but it is much busier.

Our daughter, Laura, is arriving Friday evening to spend the next week with us.

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  1. Back in San Juan hanging around waiting to disembark……

    Maybe I’ll fly west and visit you instead!

    The Other Susan

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