At Home in San Miguel’s

We continue to feel at home when we return to San Miguel. Our home this year is in a gated complex across from the Rosewood Hotel, probably the most prestigious hotel in town. It is on the other side of Centro from our previous homes here. This means we are closer to Parque Juarez where Susan likes to walk, to Instituto Allende for Lifelong Learning classes, and to the pocket theater. Most things in Centro are a similar distance, but the Shelter Theater and Fabrica Aurora with its many art galleries are further away. So far we are averaging about four miles of walking per day.

Our home is rather plain on the outside. It sits on a small parking area for the complex. Inside, it has a lot of architectural interest.This is the living room with the fireplace on the left and the patio to the right. The bright spot on the left of the ceiling is an opening to the second floor.The dining room and kitchen are off the living room. Like all houses here, there is no central heat, so the fireplace is the only source of heat. The days have been mostly pleasant with temperatures in the low 70’s in the afternoon, but the evenings are in the 40’s and 50’s so the fireplace is needed.The guest bedroom is the other room on the first floor.It has been a little cool to enjoy breakfast or lunch on the patio so far.Our bedroom is on the second floor.There is a terrace off of our bedroom. The terrace overlooks our patio and the surrounding buildings.There is a small alcove on the second floor which makes a perfect knitting area for Susan.The second floor hall has a skylight above, an opening to the living room below, and a circular window to the terrace.Our favorite part of the house is the rooftop terrace with its abundant sunshine and view of the Parroquia in the background. This house is quieter than the others we have rented in San Miguel. There is no traffic noise, no roosters, minimal dogs, and minimal fireworks – even on New Years Eve. The main noise is the music from the Rosewood roof top bar, and that could be considered a feature if you like the music.

One thing we miss here is Leo, our friendly grocer who gave me a hug and Susan a kiss every time we came in his store. We learned last year that he is no longer in business. The best we have found nearby is a Farmacia that has a grocery section. Friday, we decided to walk a mile to La Comer, the Costco of San Miguel.It is a large store with TV’s, tires, refrigerators, and clothes. But mostly it is a huge grocery store with some Kirkland products but not the large package sizes you would find in Costco. Three Kings Day, the twelfth day after Christmas, is widely celebrated here. It is the day when children receive their presents. The traditional food is hot chocolate and Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread shaped like a wreath, with candied fruit on top, and a figurine of a baby Jesus baked inside. They were being baked on the premises and most shoppers were buying one.Walking a mile to the grocery was OK, but walking a mile home lugging two big bags of groceries was not. La Comer had a helper outside with a whistle to summon passing taxis and load your groceries in the trunk. The taxi home cost $3 which seemed high compared to last year. When we made our first grocery stop at the Farmacia, they told us they didn’t have any bags; so we had to carry our groceries home in our arms. When we got to the check out at La Comer, they didn’t seem to have any bags either. We were able to buy the green bags you see in the picture. I thought they were just like Aldi’s where you have to buy reusable shopping bags. I have since learned that Mexico has outlawed plastic bags. Good for them!

In the short time we have been here we have enjoyed chamber music, blues music, and the movie Judy at the Pocket Theater where you can enjoy a pirated movie, a drink, and popcorn for the all inclusive price of $6. I think all the Golden Globe nominated movies are playing now. The movies change daily. At the blues show at the Shelter Theater, they sang a song I had never heard before, Take Me Back to San Miguel. For those who have been here before and are missing it, here is a link to a You Tube video with the song and a lot of pictures to make you nostalgic to return:

10 thoughts on “At Home in San Miguel’s”

  1. Delighted you found your way back to SMA. We will be there from Feb – April3.
    May I ask the location of the pocket theater you like? There were several when we were there, but I can’t recall locations. Seems to me they were not very well marked/advertised.

    Would be share the vrbo? We are always checking locations. The home looks very nice. We will be at Puente Viejo on Aurora, a closed condo community. I prefer the SMA homes but we wanted a pool this year.

    Are you going to LaGruta? Remember our day there together.
    Marianne and Dieter

    1. We are so sorry that we will miss you! There are two pocket theaters. One is on Hernandez Macías in the hotel across from the Angela Peralta Theater. The other is on Ancha near Sterling Dickerson in Mercado Sano. This one has two screens. We indeed plan to go to LaGruta when our daughter is visiting next week and it is supposed to be warmer. We do remember our visit to LaGruta and many other good times together in SMA. We are visiting Merida based on your good reviews for a week in February. I will email you a link to our VRBO.

  2. What a gorgeous house you have. Glad to hear , you are having a good time. Looking forward to all the activities SM has to offer
    Sue and Peter

  3. What a fabulous home away from home! I have a Boston area friend whose son is buying a home in SMA and she will spend part of every winter there with him. Lucky duck! xox

  4. Your house looks great! We have the same shopping routine in Playa. Walk, shop, taxi home. The pocket theaters sound like a real treasure. Enjoy!
    I’m counting the days until we leave. Love to you both

  5. What a beautiful comfortable looking home! It also sounds like a good location for you.
    It looks like more and more countries are changing the plastic and single use bag habits. We will all get used to it. We’ve been taking our own bags to the grocery store since we were forced to do so in Paris in 2015.
    Love hearing about SMA!

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