Happy New Year from San Miguel de Allende

We began the new year in one of our favorite cities which many of you know from previous blogs. On 30/Dec we flew from Wilmington to Atlanta (you get one guess of which airline), to Mexico City and to Leon where we took a shuttle to the home we have rented in San Miguel for the month of January. Our travel day began at 5 AM when we awoke for our airport taxi and ended 15 hours later when the shuttle dropped us off at our rental home. Other than being a long day, everything had gone smoothly with all transportation on time.

I knew that our rental home was located on a gated alley and that I would need help getting through the gate. The address I was given was Tenerias 33-2. Never having seen a hyphenated address before, I interpreted it as Tenerias 33 with an apartment 1, 2, etc. The shuttle dropped us off at Tenerias 33 which had a sign in front saying welcome Liza and Bruce. I was very impressed by the welcome sign, but didn’t know who this Liza was. It turns out that Tenerias 33 was a banquet hall and Liza and Bruce were coming from Texas for a destination wedding the next day.

We quickly learned that San Miguel does indeed have hyphenated addresses and ours was a big locked gate several doors down. There was a key pad and a box with several other buttons but nothing that we could read in the dark. Fortunately, our T-Mobile cell phone was working in Mexico, so we called the apartment manager’s office, and the maid who was waiting in the house for us quickly unlocked the gate and gave us a tour of our beautiful new home. I will give you the tour in a future blog.

San Miguel is a popular destination for Mexico City residents on weekends and holidays. We walked on quiet streets to the Jardin late Tuesday morning to get the Attencion newspaper so we could begin planning the rest of this week. We then walked to several venues to purchase tickets and had lunch at one of our favorite ceviche restaurants. By the time we headed back to the Jardin, the streets were filled with people and cars.

The Christmas decorations were still up throughout the city.Poinsettias were a very popular part of the decorations.A couple of the large puppets known as mojigangas walk the streets to observe the holidays. They are dressed as Catrinas, which were made popular in the Diego Rivera mural, Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central Park.A large stage with a live band was set up in front of the Parroquia.It was standing room only in the Jardin which was decorated with poinsettias and lights.A nativity scene filled the bandstand in the center of the Jardin.Lights festooned all the streets leading to the Jardin.

There was a beautiful fireworks display over the Parroquia at midnight. These pictures are taken from our rooftop. Every roof top in view had spectators watching the fireworks. Liza and Bruce’s wedding party was on one of them. Like so many people, we love San Miguel!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year from San Miguel de Allende”

  1. Happy New Year. Glad you made it safely. We had a nice NY and year and looking forward to new adventures too. Sounds like a wonderful time. Rivera went to the Red Skins! Guess they will really beat up on the Panthers now

  2. Happy New Year!! A large group went to a movie yesterday and then to Zocala
    for lunch. Margaritas were at the top of the list.Your pics are great.

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