Malta Today

I’ll conclude the Malta posts with some pictures from wandering around the city.

Upper Barrakka Gardens These are the Upper Barrakka Gardens located a few blocks from our hotel.From there, you can get views of Valletta like this.The walls around the city of Valletta are very imposing. This is the elevator to get from sea level up to Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Valletta at NightTriton Fountain at the entry gate to the city.The town walls near the entry gate. We ate at a restaurant on the terrace where the lights are between the walls on the upper right. That terrace was a artillery bastion to protect the city gate in more dangerous times.This building looked more interesting at night than it did in the day.

Harbor Cruise

We took a harbor cruise to see Valletta from the water. Valletta is a peninsula with three small peninsulas (known as the Three Cities) pointing at it on one side The main harbor is between Valletta and the Three Cities. Following are some pictures from the cruise.The sphere is the most modern looking structure in the area. It is a planetarium.There is a lighthouse on each side of the harbor entrance.A whimsical giraffe crane in the port.

Malta Has Steps Also

We saw a lot of long steps in Sicily, but Malta wants to be part of the competition.


The food in Malta is pretty similar to that in Sicily. However, we never saw donkey or horse on the menu here. Instead, virtually every restaurant in Malta had a rabbit dish on the menu – mostly rabbit stew. By the fourth night, Susan decided she had to try the rabbit stew. She loved it!!! Does anyone know a good rabbit restaurant in Wilmington? I had a sample of hers and I was not as enthusiastic. On our last night in Malta, we ate at a pasta restaurant.The concept was that you choose your sauce from a list on a chalkboard and you choose your freshly made pasta from this selection in a case at the back of the restaurant. The person behind the case fills a container with the chosen pasta and passes it to the kitchen to finish the preparation. I had “Norma” pasta, which is popular in both Sicily and Malta with the green spinach pasta. Norma is a special spherical shaped eggplant. Susan had the pasta behind mine with a pesto sauce. They were both delicious!

Next Trip

Our next trip will be to San Miguel, Mexico from December 31 to January 31. I know some of you are San Miguel people. If any of you are going to be in San Miguel during this period, please contact us so we can get together.

Wrap Up

We really liked Malta on our Viking World Cruise and we still like it after this visit. It is still a place we would like to come back to. We were a little concerned about whether we would still like OAT after enjoying the luxury of the Viking cruise. The answer is “Yes!” We thoroughly enjoyed Sicily and part of that enjoyment came from doing things with OAT that would never happen on a cruise.

As always, we want to thank all of you for following our blog. We particularly thank everyone who took the time to comment. Good, bad, or indifferent – we really enjoy hearing from you. Until next time. Safe travels.

3 thoughts on “Malta Today”

  1. Wonderful following your journeys!! Your pictures and comments make the places you go come alive!
    Peggy and Dave
    Still think of our cruise on Sea Cloud as our favorite trip in terms of food and opulence but we haven’t been many places.Was fun getting up in the am and having the boat to ourselves!Plus we had you!

  2. I still remember the one+ magic day we had in Malta on the WC…. we were there longer than planned because Tunis was cancelled.

    After my 24-day Viking cruise over the holidays, I’ll decide if I want to keep cruising…or take the inland OAT route….. oh, hell, I might do both!

  3. I just caught up on your blog. We visited Sicily and Malta 4 years ago on cruise stops. Loved them both. Great to see more of these islands. Your pictures are wonderful and show the beauty of these islands.

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