Residential Rhodes

The old city of Rhodes within the city walls has a population of only 6000 people while the metropolitan area which includes all of new Rhodes has a population of about 90,000. Monday morning we went to the old town via a different route and entered the old town through a different gate. From there we explored the residential area, two thirds of which was once Muslim and one third of which was once Jewish. The streets were very narrow and the houses were very small with shared walls.We entered via the gate nearest to the Palace. In this area, there seemed to be two parallel moats. I presume this was done to better protect their headquarters.This was one of several successive gates we passed through to enter the old town.All the pots of different colors lining the roof of this building reminded us of San Miguel except San Miguel would have elaborately decorated Mexican pots.Most of the streets were very narrow and could accommodate a motor scooter but not a car.Most of the streets were stone. The steps to this house were made the same way but incorporated a designThe abundant pots of flowers added to the appeal of this street.Yet another church that was converted to a mosque. None of the mosques and few of the churches were open so you could not see the inside.We exited through a different gate into a panorama of water, beach, boardwalk, street, and city wall.This is one of the nicer gates as seen from outside of Old Town.A view of the windmills and light house through what was probably once a canon slot in the walls.We prefer the sandy beaches around Wilmington to this rocky beach. There are chairs and umbrellas all along the beaches that are behind this shot. You can rent two chairs and an umbrella for ten euros for the day. The chairs on the calm side were about 80% full and were nearly empty on the windy side.And yes, Rhodes also has beautiful sunsets. That is a parasail below the sun. The sun is setting behind the mountains of Turkey. Our final stop in Greece is an afternoon in Athens. Which island do you think we liked best? All will be revealed in our next blog.

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  1. We found Santorini too touristy with the many cruise ships stopping there. Our favorite was Crete. There was more to see there than the other islands. We didn’t see Rhodes. Perhaps, next time

  2. On July 2 we (the Yale Alumni Chorus) will be performing at the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights as part of the Rhodes International Festival ! I’d better go practice some more! (That’s my NEW blog address below: I launched it the other day.)

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