We’re Hoppin!

After awaking at 6:30 AM, driving with our friends Linda and Jack to Washington Dulles airport, waiting on the tarmac for two hours at Dulles until thunderstorms cleared in New York, running through Heathrow to catch our connecting flight with only minutes to spare, we arrived in the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos. While the trip got off to a rocky start full of worry we were gong to miss our connection in Heathrow, it all ended well with both us and our luggage arriving in Mykonos on time. I give high marks to British Air for having a representative meet our arriving flight from Dulles and guiding the 12 passengers transferring to the Mykonos flight through security and to the gate. It was a long and winding trail, and I doubt that we could have made it on time without her.

We are on a two week trip where we will spend three days each on Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes. We worked with a Greek travel agency that booked the hotels and transportation between the hotels. While at the hotels, we are on our own.

Despite having been up for over 30 hours, we went to Greek night in our hotel restaurant. The festivities involved traditional Greek music and dancing. You might recognize the curly hair that joined the dancing. The night ended for us when they played a nontraditional song, YMCA.

While Mykonos is best known for it’s beaches, the main town of Chora (also known as Mykonos Town) is filled with quaint white buildings with blue, or sometimes burgundy, accents. The flowers are abundant and usually red for contrast.

The island has more than 400 churches. Most of these appear to be very small private chapels scattered across the landscape. They say throughout the southern US, that the towns have a church on every corner. Mykonos Town seems to out do the south.

The windmill is the symbol of Mykonos as a number of them line the ridge overlooking the town.

This area on the waterfront is known as “little Venice”, even though there is not a canal in sight.

Of course there is a lot of shopping. The stores all had very interesting displays in front to lure you to stop and shop. I loved the table which had been sliced from an unusually shaped piece of wood. Susan struggled not to buy a pair of shoes.

We had dinner in Little Venice and then stayed for the sunset. People lined up by the windmills to see it, and it didn’t disappoint.

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  1. Looks wonderful! Susan, keep an eye out for my brother and sister-in-law. They arrived in Athens today and are going to cruise the islands on a Regent before continuing on to Turkey.

  2. I’ll be in Greece in three weeks, for 18 days, on a singing concert tour with the Yale Alumni Chorus…. I’ve never been, so i couldn’t pass up this chance! I know I owe you a reply on “cruise #2” and you WILL get it one of these days! ENJOY YOURSELVES !!!!

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