A Week in Paradise

We have spent the last week with our Minnesota friends, Jean and Ron and Lynn and Jim, at the Vidanta Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is a huge resort with at least eight residential towers, countless pools, a long lazy river, a golf course, and nonstop landscaping laced with boardwalk walking paths. It is the perfect place to relax.This is a part of the view from our balcony. That is Puerto Vallarta in the background with the Pacific Ocean in front of it and a river below us. We can watch the cruise ships arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon. There is a nice sunrise for the early risers (I have no sunrise pictures to offer). The weather has been similar to San Miguel except the nights are warmer and it is a little more humid. It has been near perfect beach weather!We spent most of our time at this pool located adjacent to the ocean. The water was “walk in” warm. We had lunch most days in our pool lounge chairs with two for one frozen mango margaritas. Additional pool services were eyeglass cleaning and popsicles. I had a tamarind popsicle one day and that together with the tamarind chicken at Nirvana, has made me a real fan. I hope we can find tamarind somewhere in Wilmington!We also had iguanas that like to hang out at the pool. They are quite adept at snatching food when you look away. They also caused some screaming as they moved about the pool. Thanks to Jean and Lynn for the iguana pictures.We got off the grounds several days. On Sunday we went to a large craft fair in La Cruz which spread along the water front. We bought an art work made of tree bark. We went to Bucerías for dinner on the ocean one night. From left is Susan, Ron, Jim, Lynn, and Jean.Wednesday we went into Puerto Vallarta for a walk along the Malecón, a mile long esplanade beside the ocean.There were many people working for tips such as this man who had created an elaborate Mayan sand sculpture.This person created columns of balanced rocks.There was a performance by Mayan pole dancers who slowly rotate down from the top of the pole to the ground. One of the dancers is playing a flute and small drum as he turns. This purpose of this dance was to prevent or end droughts in ancient times. UNESCO has designated it an Intangible Cultural Heritage.Numerous sculptures line the Malecón. From left to right are Lynn, Jim, Jean, Ron, Bruce and Susan.

We fly home to Wilmington on Friday. Our Minnesota friends are returning to a snow storm on Saturday. While Wilmington had some nearby flurries this week, we will be returning to temperatures near 70. While it won’t be as nice as the weather we have experienced in Mexico, we are hopeful that spring is near. Our upcoming trips are the Greek Islands in June and Sicily, Malta, and a transatlantic crossing in the fall. Thanks for following our experiences in Mexico and we hope you will join us on our future travels.Sunset over one of the ponds on the resort with the ocean in the background.

5 thoughts on “A Week in Paradise”

  1. You came and I left after 8 weeks in Puerto Vallarta,I’m now exploring Oaxaca and loving every moment. Off to Mexico City on Saturday for 5 days.
    Sorry to have missed you.

  2. Lucky you. We’ve always wanted to stay at a VidantanResortnas they look wonderful. Mybe one day. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Pelican’s Snoballs has a good tamarind flavor, and I see you have a Wilmington location. Probably not quite the same, but I like it!

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