Two Weddings

Saturday is a big day for weddings in San Miguel. On our art walk on Saturday, we stopped at the San Antonio Church where the bridal party was just arriving.We are guessing this is a local San Miguel couple getting married.The bride and the flower girls were dressed up, but the father of the bride was dressed pretty casually.The little boy in the white suit and the little girl in the blue and white dress were both very cute.By contrast, the Parroquia hosts many destination weddings. The bride and groom had already left when we arrived. We are guessing that they are from Mexico City. Everyone in that wedding party was dressed to impress.

The area between the Parroquia and the Jardin usually has several balloon vendors which add to the festive atmosphere. The kids particularly like those crayon shaped balloons which bounce really high when they slam them into the ground.Watching the weddings from the comfort of the Jardin is a popular spectator sport on Saturdays.

We had an interesting incident while people watching in the Jardin last week. There was a school group in front of the Parroquia with both teachers and students wearing vivid green scarves. The teachers were louder and more animated than the children. Suddenly, a dozen kids and several teachers started running toward the Jardin and they surrounded us. The teacher had a camera and one of the students had a microphone connected to the camera which she thrust into Susan’s face. The students took turns asking us questions in English such as where we were from, what Mexican foods we liked, etc. We learned from them that they were sophomores from Guanajuato.

Those of you with good memories will recall that we met a similar school group in Guanajuato and they got Susan to dance with them on the steps in front of the theater. The teachers of Guanajuato really like to have fun on their field trips! About ten minutes after the first group left us, we were surrounded again by a second group and the process was repeated. There were plenty of other Americans and Canadians sitting in the Jardin that day. I think there is something about curly hair that attracts the Mexican children. Unfortunately, I was so busy with the kids, I failed to take any pictures.

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  1. When we traveled in Mexico with our young daughter people were fascinated by her curly blonde hair and would ask us if they could touch it.

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