Art, Art, and More Art

As you will notice from the pictures, the clouds have finally found San Miguel. Both Friday and Saturday were mostly sunny in the morning and mostly cloudy in the afternoon. There is even a good chance of a shower this evening. But not to worry, we are back to only a one percent chance of rain by Monday.

The clouds did make for a nice sunset at the Jardin tonight and we had no rain.

Today we spent the day on an art walk in the San Antonio area of San Miguel. San Antonio is an area adjacent to the Centro area where we normally stay. Forty seven artists had there studios open for the day. San Miguel became popular with American artists after WWII when many GIs attended art school at the Bella Artes in town. The city is still known as an artist colony with galleries scattered throughout the town. The art walk is particularly interesting because many of the studios are located in the artist’s home so you get to see some of their home as well. Most of the artists were from the USA or Canada, but some were Mexican. We also enjoyed the walk as it gave us an excuse to explore San Antonio in more detail.

These windows and doors are not real, but are strictly for decoration.The area was rich in street art. The bottom art work is made with mosaic tiles.Like all of San Miguel, San Antonio is filled with interesting doors and windows.

They had done a lot to save the trees in this part of town. There were limbs poking through the walls, tree trunks with a wall on both sides, and this hollow tree in the middle of the road. Susan is modeling her new Mexican dress and her old San Miguel Sandals. We have spent some time in the shoe stores here and Susan will have two new models of Sandals to show off when she gets home. For those not familiar, the San Miguel Sandals are sold here for about $35 and in the USA as Charleston Shoe Company Sandals for about $135. Some of the shoe boxes in the stores here even say Charleston Shoe Company. It doesn’t quite pay for our trip, but it helps.This was a very impressive gate.San Miguel is a colorful town, both from the flowers and the color of the buildings. Most buildings also have a rooftop patio. It was a good day with the opportunity to see a wide variety of art and to meet the artists.

6 thoughts on “Art, Art, and More Art”

  1. Love the beauty of San Antonio and the cool art work including Susan’s shoes. Also love the only 1% prediction of rain. So wonderful that you are back to the place you both love.


  2. Gorgeous… not only from lack of rain but colorful… I loved the hollow tree and the intricate metal gate
    Thanks for sharing as always!

  3. Bruce, I would fit right in with the liberals in SM. Maybe some day I’ll get to visit and enjoy the sights, art and shoe shopping.

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