Life in San Miguel

First, I have to give you a weather update. We have now been here six days and we have yet to see a single cloud. The temperature is in the mid eighties during the day and drops into the fifties at night. However, Accuweather’s chance of rain this Friday has skyrocketed up to 1%! I was checking on December weather here and came across the fact that the average number of muggy days per year here is zero. What’s not too love about that weather?

We have been attending a wide range of events. One was a lecture by the author of a book, The Decline of America. In it, he evaluates the performance of presidents from Woodrow Wilson through Obama and discusses their contribution to the decline. He was equally critical of Republicans and Democrats. As a spoiler, the highest grade was a B- and some of the more popular presidents got a D-. As I have mentioned previously, the English speaking people in San Miguel are very liberal. The audience was pretty calm until the speaker said that Obama was one of the least qualified presidents and criticized some of his policies. The discussion turned rather ugly after that.

We also attended a speech by a survivor of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. He was six years old at the time and his family was not in a shelter when the bomb dropped. They had no knowledge of the effects of radiation and walked through the area of impact several days later searching for food. Nobody knew why people started developing these strange conditions. He recounted how the survivors became damaged goods so that someone from outside the area would not marry a survivor. He ended with a plea for everyone to do what they could so this would never happen again.

Today, we saw a lecture on the life of Pete Seeger with the audience singing some of his most popular songs. The program was a big draw in a town filled with senior activists. We had gotten the last two available tickets the day before. We got to the theater about 30 minutes early to get good seats and joined the line up at the door. When the doors were not open five minutes before the show was to begin, the crowd began singing We Shall Overcome. The singing became particularly spirited with our new chorus of “We will enter the door”. Did I mention this all took place in the library?

San Miguel is a great city to explore on foot. This is one of numerous attractive Spanish Colonial streets.The rooftop terraces are lined with potted plants.Street murals can be found around the city.Many of the buildings also have interesting niches. One of the problems is that you have to look up to see many of the interesting things. Unfortunately, there is nothing more hazardous than looking up and walking due to the narrow sidewalks with numerous opportunities to trip. You have to learn to stop when you look up!We had dinner tonight at a roof top restaurant overlooking the Parroquia. The young ladies at the table next to us were from Houston and were visiting one of their parents in Mexico City. The restaurant claims the title of Number One Rooftop Destination in the World. I don’t know about that, but the food was outstanding!

In short, life in San Miguel is good!

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    1. Your weather is enviable. We are having a week of rain in SC and even when we went to Florida at the end of January it rained the entire time. Sounds like you are enjoying San Miguel as much as ever. I loved the photos. Andrea

  1. Thanks for sharing — looks absolutely wonderful. We are into our ninth day of rain and gloom and could use some sol! Bob & Kay

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