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Sunday morning we visited the port city of Malaga, Spain; and in the afternoon we visited the white, hilltop town of Mijas, Spain. Malaga has been in the shadow of other towns in the Costa Del Sol until recent years when it emerged as a popular tourist destination.One of its claims to fame is being the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. He was born on the second floor of the building above what is now a tapas bar. We visited the Picasso Museum, which contains 200 works donated by his family to establish a museum in his home city.The Cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782 when they ran out of money and never finished the second matching tower on the front of the church, thus earning the nickname of “one armed lady”. This side view with the complete tower is more appealing than the front view.The Alcazaba is a Moorish fortification that sprawls across one of the hills in Malaga.From this hilltop overlook we could see the bullring below as well as the harbor and the city and mountains beyond.

Mijas is known as a white town for obvious reasons: every building in town was painted white. Several streets were particularly attractive with all flower pots painted the same blue color.A unique feature of Mijas is their burro taxis. Each burro has an official number on the plate on their forehead. They are a hazard though as a woman got thrown off one that bucked while she was waving at her friends taking her picture. After seeing so many large churches, mosques, and temples on this trip, it was nice to see this charming little church built in a cave.This even smaller Church was located all by itself on the hills above Mijas. I was surprised to see a person outside of it when I looked at the picture as the location seemed so remote.But the best thing to do in a Spanish hill town is to sit on the street with friends and enjoy a glass of sangria! After a day at sea, we visit Porto, Portugal.

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  1. Y’all look great! I hope that sangria is as good as Susan makes! Love the white villages in Spain! So clean and fresh looking!

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