George Town Versus Georgetown

We live about twenty minutes from Georgetown, SC. It is the third oldest city in the state and the smallest port in the state. It is filled with colonial homes and was once the center of rice production in the US when it probably shipped rice to George Town, Malaysia, which we visited today. George Town is the second largest city in Malaysia, was the first British settlement in Southeast Asia, and is the largest port in Malaysia for cruise ships. If George Town grows any rice, they exceed the present day production in Georgetown. George Town has a similar history to Singapore having been founded by the British East India Company. It has a Chinatown and a Little India and is also home to the Peranakans. The old town is a UNESCO Site that is famous for its street art and its blend of British Colonial and Asian architecture.These are some examples of the street art in George Town. The top one is the most famous and is found on many souvenirs. The bike is a real one with part of the right handle bar buried into the wall.Trishaws are a popular way to get around town. They are powered by a person pedaling the bike in the rear. They all have umbrellas to protect you from the blazing sun and usually have flowers and other decorations.The city is filled with churches, mosques, and temples – both Buddhist and Hindu.This shop had a large selection of flower ropes or garlands to decorate the temples or to keep for good luck.There were a lot of shop houses that were very reminiscent of the Peranakan houses we saw in Singapore.The Promenade by the Sea had a line of gates with decorations hanging from the top cross members.A number of British Colonial buildings were scattered through the old town.We had lunch in a restaurant recommended by our guide and located in Little India. We were thinking Chinese since we will be in India in a few days, but did not regret our choice for a moment. We had tandoori chicken with naan bread and several dipping sauces. The chicken was delicious!!! One problem was that we only had a fork and spoon to eat with, so it was a little challenging to cut the chicken. Susan took this picture because it is so rare to see me eating chicken with my fingers. I think she also secretly likes the cooling scarf look!

I wish I had some pictures from Georgetown for comparison, but no such luck. Our next stop is Phuket, Thailand tomorrow.

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  1. Food looks yummy! Al would have a problem, even though we live in SC, he refuses to eat fried chicken with his fingers…his yankee upbringing for sure!! Looking forward to seeing you in May!

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