Viking includes one “free of additional cost” tour in each port. That tour is usually a panoramic drive around the city with one or two stops for photo opportunities or a walking tour of some part of the city. If the ship is docked far from the city center, they usually provide a “free of additional cost” shuttle to the city center. They also provide a city map with the main sites of the city indicated. This enables you to create your own walking tour. In Brisbane we elected to skip the panoramic drive and take the shuttle to walk around the downtown on our own. This enables us to see just what we want to see and spend the time we want at a site rather than the time dictated by the guide which is invariably either too long or too short.

The temperature today in Brisbane was predicted to be 93 F and the humidity felt like it was 93%. Brisbane has a river snaking through the city and provides a free ferry service, which we took advantage of to reduce our walking and get some scenic views from the river.Brisbane had several pretty churches in varying shades of sandstone.We rode an elevator installed in the 1930’s to the top of the clock tower in the city hall. The car was original, but we were assured the cables and brakes had been replaced many times. The building also housed a museum on the history of Brisbane.This church looked like a toy model from the top of the clock tower.The Old Treasury Building.We are getting to the point that cities don’t look right to us unless we see them from the water.These magnificent banyan trees fill a small plaza in the center of town.

We arrive in Cairns next after a day at sea.

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