How Do You Ship a Yacht?

We arrived in Papeete, Tahiti late Monday afternoon. We stayed there overnight before sailing for Bora Bora Tuesday evening. We had toured the island of Tahiti previously on a Paul Gauguin cruise, so we focused on Papeete this time. Unfortunately, it is a big port city without a lot to see.We were entertained Monday night by a local dance troup. For a one minute video of their performance, click here. This video is especially for our daughter-in-law, Harumi, who enjoys performing with a hula dance troup in the Charlotte area.The city hall was the most attractive building in the city. A pretty water lily pond.The church was the second most appealing building in town.There was creative graffiti on the sides of many buildings. I am sure it has some deep meaning, but I have no idea what it is.

But perhaps the most interesting thing in town was the boat docked next to us.This is the ship Monday night with a number of yachts inside sitting on a dry deck.

This is the ship the next morning, sitting much lower in the water (you can no longer see the “” on the side), the deck is now flooded, and the rear end of the ship is open so the yachts being delivered can be floated out. I presume they pumped water into the ship over night to lower it in the water and then opened the rear when it was at the proper depth.By late in the afternoon, the rear is closed, the deck is dry, and the ship is riding higher in the water. Pretty clever!

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